Hi, my name is Philipp Singer and I am a 29 years old post doctoral researcher at the Computational Social Science Group of GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences.

I am interested in data science, statistics, machine learning, web science and social network analysis. In the past few years, my main research focus was on studying human trails on the Web. Such trails can capture any kind of human interaction with the Web such as the navigation of websites. Understanding such human trails and how they are produced has been an open and complex challenge for our community for years. I have mainly tackled two sub-problems: (i) the detection of memory in these trails as well as (ii) the problem of how to compare hypotheses about human trails. Technically, I have focused on Markov chain models and Bayesian statistics.

Previously, I did my PhD studies and received my PhD diploma at January 2015 at Graz University of Technology.

Please feel free to contact me:

Mail: me@philippsinger.com
Phone: +49 (221) 47694-228
Fax: +49 (221) 47694-8228
Twitter: ph_singer
Linkedin: philipp-singer